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MSI Countertops Can Be Found at Modello Tile Studio

MSI, a renowned name in the world of home renovation and design, brings an array of countertop options that can transform any space into a statement of elegance and sophistication. At Modello Tile Studio, we’re thrilled to offer a selection of MSI countertops that embody both style and functionality, perfect for anyone looking to elevate their home’s aesthetic with high-quality materials. Embark on a design adventure with us as we explore our diverse selection of MSI countertops available in Walnut Creek, CA.

Choose From the Most Popular MSI Countertop Options

MSI offers plenty of gorgeous and appealing countertop options using strong, durable materials built to last. A leading provider, these options have completely altered the look and feel of plenty of homes and are the backbone of MSI’s reputation as one of the finest countertop importers in North America. Explore these options with Modello Tile Studio and make us the countertop supplier in Northern California that leads you to the perfect countertop products.


MSI’s quartz countertops are a symphony of beauty and resilience, offering a palette of colors and patterns to match any decor. These engineered stone surfaces mesh good looks and performance, an astounding combination that appeals to many. They’re also a non-porous, scratch-resistant, and easy-to-clean option for busy households. Enjoy a sleek modern look or a cozy traditional vibe with quartz countertops from MSI.


For those dreaming of a touch of timeless luxury in their homes, MSI Marble countertops are an exquisite choice. Each slab tells a story through its intricate veining and soft hues, bringing an irreplaceable piece of the earth into your space. Marble’s natural coolness is particularly advantageous in a kitchen setting, making it a good surface for pastry and dough preparation and other messy jobs.


Granite countertops from MSI offer a durable and diverse solution for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Known for its hardness and resistance to heat, granite is a practical yet luxurious choice for those who love to cook and entertain. Its natural patterns and colors range from subtle to bold, allowing for a tailored design that complements any room’s aesthetic.


Prefabricated countertops from MSI provide a cost-effective yet stylish option for homeowners. Available in quartz, granite, marble, and more, these countertops are pre-cut and edged, making them an excellent choice for quick and efficient installations without limiting looks or strength.


Quartzite countertops are for those who seek the strength of granite with the delicate appearance of marble. MSI’s quartzite offers hardness and resistance to scratches, paired with stunning translucency and colors that range from pure whites to deep blues and greens.

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Explore the Benefits of MSI's Premium Natural Quartz

MSI’s Premium Natural Quartz countertops bring together the best of nature and technology. With their stain and germ resistance, these countertops are ideal for households looking for surfaces that combine hygiene with style. The variety of finishes, from polished to matte, alongside an extensive spectrum of colors, means that your countertops will be just as unique as your home.

Enjoy MSI's Stile Porcelain Slabs

Stile Porcelain slabs by MSI redefine sophistication with their sleek and modern designs. Perfect for creating seamless countertops, these slabs are beautiful, incredibly durable, and maintenance-free. They resist UV rays, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bring a cohesive look throughout your home.

Get Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops That Help You Take Advantage of the Latest Style and Design Trends!

Modello Tile Studio and MSI bring you an exciting collection of bathroom and kitchen countertop options that keep up with the latest style and design trends. These countertops offer a fantastic way to inject personality and flair into your spaces. With a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, along with expert advice from our team at Modello Tile Studio, you can craft the unique and stunning ambiance that you’ve always dreamt of.

Let Modello Tile Studio Be the Supplier for Your Next Project

At Modello Tile Studio, we are here to provide our clients with a fantastic experience that turns their home renovation dreams into reality. Our partnership with MSI is built on a shared vision of delivering quality, beauty, and durability to every project.

For countertops from the best brands and a partnership that supports your vision every step of the way, contact our countertop supplier in Walnut Creek, CA, today! We also offer fantastic Raphael Stone Countertops and Silestone Countertops.