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From cooking family meals to dining and other activities, kitchens are without question one of the most important rooms of the house — which is why they deserve to look the part. At Modello Tile Studio, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners and contractors bring their dream kitchens to life by supplying high-quality tiles for backsplashes and flooring. With our kitchen tile store, affordable and beautiful tiles are always available to help make your renovation a success!

The Best Kitchen Tile Store for Northern California Residents

Modello Tile Studio has been the trusted business for homeowners and contractors throughout northern California. We’re proud to offer our tiles for kitchen backsplashes in the following areas:

  • Berkeley, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Orinda, CA
  • Lafayette, CA
  • Moraga, CA
  • Rossmore, CA
  • Walnut Creek, CA
  • Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Alamo, CA
  • Danville, CA
  • San Ramon, CA
  • Blackhawk, CA
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Beautiful Backsplash Tile For Kitchens

There’s no doubt that backsplash tiles for kitchens play an important role in interior design. Made with a variety of materials and in a wide range of shapes and colors, backsplash tiles allow homeowners to elevate the style of their kitchen in more ways than one. However, there’s far more to high-quality tiles for kitchen backsplashes than just their aesthetic appeal. Backsplash tiles protect kitchen walls from water damage, along with other messy substances. At Modello Tile Studio, you can trust that every backsplash tile we have available is water-resistant, durable, and stylish!

Remodeled kitchen with new island, gas range, and unique lighting fixture

High-Quality Kitchen Floor Tiles

The flooring of your kitchen is another opportunity to personalize an interior design. Modello Tile Studio offers an assortment of options for kitchen floor tiles, ranging in color, shape, size, and material. In addition, floor tiles are incredibly easy for homeowners to clean and are durable. The materials available at our kitchen tile store promise both unsurpassed longevity and beauty.

Kitchen Tile Supplies for Contractors

If you’re an architect, contractor, or interior designer remodeling a client’s kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. Modello Tile Studio is the best business for kitchen backsplash and flooring tiles because of the wide array of styles we offer. Thanks to our selection, you’ll be able to acquire the perfect tile for your client’s kitchen and design preferences — all while staying within your budget. We’re committed to supplying kitchen tile for contractors in Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Rossmore, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, and Blackhawk, CA.

Set the Tone for Your Home With Our Wonderful Kitchen Tiles

When choosing kitchen tiles, it’s all about setting the right tone for your home. At Modello Tile Studio, we believe your kitchen is not just a place for cooking but a space that reflects your personal style and brings comfort to everyone who enters. Our vast selection of tiles can transform your kitchen into a stunning focal point of your home. Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel or simply looking to update your kitchen cabinets, the right tile can elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary. With an array of tile options available, from classic ceramic tiles to luxurious natural stone, finding the perfect match for your kitchen has never been easier.

Our Tile Shop Supplies Kitchen Tiles From Vadara, Silestone, Cambria, Viatera, and More!

At Modello Tile Studio, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality kitchen tiles from renowned brands like Vadara, Silestone, Cambria, and Viatera. Each brand brings unique charm and quality, ensuring your kitchen stands out with elegance. Our selection includes various materials, colors, and textures, allowing you to customize your kitchen to your liking. We serve all clients, including those looking for the timeless beauty of natural stone or the durable elegance of quartz. Combine these with our amazing customer service, and you get an experience that’s both easy and enjoyable.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are popular for kitchen remodels due to their durability, low maintenance, and versatility. These tiles are made from fine porcelain clay and fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles, making them more resistant to chipping, staining, and wear. Porcelain tiles come in a wide range of designs, from those that mimic natural stone to tiles with modern, sleek finishes. This makes them an excellent option for homeowners who want the look of natural stone without the upkeep. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements make them ideal for busy kitchens, allowing your space to look fabulous year after year with minimal effort.

Looking for Ceramic Tile? We Can Help You Take Advantage of It

Ceramic tiles are another fantastic option for your kitchen, offering both beauty and practicality. Known for their durability and easy cleaning, ceramic tiles are perfect for areas that see a lot of foot traffic and spills. At Modello Tile Studio, our ceramic tile collection ranges from vibrant colors and patterns to subtle, earthy tones, providing you with the flexibility to design your kitchen exactly how you envision it. Thinking about updating kitchen cabinets or going for a full kitchen remodel? Ceramic tiles offer a cost-effective way to do it.

Mosaic Tile Adds a Luxurious Look to Your Kitchen

If you’re looking to inject a touch of luxury and personality into your kitchen, mosaic tiles are the way to go. These small, often colorful tiles can be used to create intricate patterns and designs, making them perfect for a stunning backsplash or as an accent feature. Mosaic tiles add visual interest and allow you to express your style. They come in a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, and natural stone, giving you endless possibilities to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. With our team at Modello Tile Studio, you’ve got the best shot at finding mosaic tiles that complement your kitchen cabinets and overall design theme.

Add Quartz and Cladding to Your Kitchen for a Flexible Design

Quartz is a superb choice for kitchen surfaces, offering both beauty and resilience. Its non-porous nature means it’s highly resistant to staining, making it ideal for busy kitchens. Quartz countertops can be paired with a variety of tile options for a cohesive look that’s both stylish and practical. In addition to quartz, cladding is another versatile design element that can transform your kitchen. Cladding can be used on walls or floors, offering a protective layer that’s easy to clean and maintain. Regardless of what you want, we’ve got your back.

Modello Tile Studio: More Than a Kitchen Tile Store

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For the highest-quality kitchen tiles around and unparalleled customer service, you can always count on Modello Tile Studio. We work closely with homeowners and contractors alike to ensure they receive the best tiles possible for their kitchen makeovers. To learn more about our kitchen tile store and the types of tile we have available, feel free to contact us today!